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Our exclusive 10-Step System

Our trained and certified Service Technician take the extra step to make sure you are completely satisfied.

When you make an appointment, you don’t get just a carpet cleaner. You get a trained and certified Service Technician who will perform our exclusive 10-Step System to ensure a thorough job and your complete satisfaction, which includes:

  1. A pre-inspection to identify your concerns
  2. Placing corner guards to protect your walls from our hoses
  3. Pre-treating the heavily soiled areas as needed
  4. Giving special attention to stains, spills and high-traffic areas
  5. Using a deep-cleaning, truck-mounted unit, with the hot-steam extraction method, with temperatures exceeding 220 degrees
  6. Moving and replacing most furniture* with protective tabs under legs
  7. Dusting off the baseboards in the areas we’ve cleaned
  8. Use high-velocity air movers to help speed up drying process if necessary
  9. Grooming the carpet to give a neat, brushed appearance
  10. Completing a post-inspection with you to ensure your complete satisfaction


3M ScotchGard – Licensed applicators of 3M ScotchGard. Don’t be fooled by generic carpet protectors – they will not offer the same level of protection as our 3M ScotchGard! 3M is a stand-up brand, which is why it is the ONLY carpet protector A1 Steem It will use!

– Ask how our sanitizers can be used to reduce allergies and germs in your home! Professional-grade sanitizers are used anywhere there are concerns of allergies or cross-contamination of germs and biologicals. They are used in Assisted Living Facilities, Daycares, Church Nurseries and schools – as well as homes where individuals struggle with severe allergies from dust, mildew, pets, etc.

– We have everything you’ll ever need to help eliminate odors in your carpets and upholstery caused by pet accidents, food or drink spills, musky/damp smells (like in basements, sunrooms and gyms), biologicals, cigarette and tobacco odors, and water damage and leaks.